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Post  Tue, Mar 17 2020, 11:39 pm
Where do women in Boston get their sheitels? I’m considering a lace front—is there a sheitel macher in Boston who does them?

Thank you!
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Post  Sat, Apr 11 2020, 10:46 pm
Sorry for the very delayed reply... not sure if this is still relevant for you. I don’t live in Boston, but in a tiny, tiny community in the general area, and Boston is the closest real frum community to me.
When I want my sheitel done, I bring it to Bracha Berzansky in Brighton. She is very good.
Earlier this winter, I did need a new sheitel and spoke to Bracha. She doesn’t have a huge selection in stock, but will order a few pieces for you with no obligation to buy. She works with Sary, Irene, and one other company- I forget which. Her prices are similar to what you would pay in NY or Lakewood, and she is so not pushy! Like really not!
I ended up not getting from her— I got in Brooklyn— but in retrospect, I wish I had! A friend told me that she does a really, really good job at fitting your head to the sheitel.

A word of caution: I was thinking about a lace top/lace front, but decided against it because I hear that that part can wear out quickly—especially if there isn’t a person in the area who is skilled at washing it, taking care of it, etc. it’s not like in Lakewood where tons of people have them so the sheitel machers all know how to take care of them properly, etc....
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Post  Mon, May 04 2020, 11:50 pm
I lived in boston for a long time and now live in sharon. I have gotten all of my sheitels in brooklyn lol but there are some wonderful local people
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