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Post  Thu, Mar 26 2020, 3:43 am
... To those making Pesach for the first time this year.

I'm BT. The first time I made Pesach was as a single, living in my parents' home after sem. They did not make Pesach, for 8 days I ate matzah in my bedroom (very difficult, do not recommend). BH I had where to go for sedarim.

Second time, I had gotten married three weeks before (again, BH were invited out for sedarim. Big relief). Hosted two meals 2nd days.

Third time, I gave birth to my first baby (BH!) 13 Nisan. Had to beg to be let out of the hospital erev Pesach, 36 hours after delivery. Had enough time to stop and buy diapers, walked in the door and it was candle lighting. Thank Gd I had been anticipating this, and had turned my house over 2.5 weeks early and made some food to put in the freezer. This year alone, I did not have the strength/willpower to participate in seder. Husband did it by himself. Still feel a bit guilty, but we all survived. Hosted MIL and single BIL second days.

Fourth Pesach, just us and a baby. No guests for Seder, can't remember if we hosted the other days 🤷‍♀️

Fifth Pesach, gave birth (BH!) 9 Nisan. Had not turned the house over. Very grateful for my MIL who was staying with us and, although there were snags, was a tremendous help for me. Still, probably the hardest one. Even with some help, turning the house over 4 days pp with a toddler and a newborn is no small task. And then there's the shopping, and the cooking. There were tears. Still, we survived. Pesach happened. Baruch Hashem. No guests, because there was a measles outbreak 🙄

This is to say, you can do this. Familiarize yourself with what the halacha is and what's a chumra. Have a great, accessible rav on speed dial. Buy a lot of tin foil. Remember that it doesn't have to be fancy. Honestly, it almost feels like HKBH really wants us to pare down Pesach this year and focus on the message. Right?

Definitely my favorite sedarim were the ones with just me and my husband. Going through the haggadah together. Learning. Discussing. Being together. There's something beautiful about a giant seder with tons of singing and questions and piles of yummy food. And there's something special about two people remembering Yetzias Mitzrayim with a relaxed, engaging meal of simple food and matzah.

You can do this! It will be different. It will probably be hard. You will likely need to exercise some creative problem solving - - probably a few things will go wrong along the way. But it might also be great.
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Post  Thu, Mar 26 2020, 4:06 am
Beautiful! To add my own experience, my first time making Pesach was when I was overdue with my second, and had to stay close to home for the birth.

We cleaned as best we could, I'm naturally meikil about cleaning so this wasn't SO major. (All the things you read the Rabonim saying? How crumbs are not a problem? Yeah, that's me. Cleaned kitchen well, covered dining table well, and the rest of the apartment was straightened and vacuumed.)

I didn't make a lot of fancy food. Tons of hard boiled eggs, chicken and potatoes, and just us 3 (DH, me, and 2 year old) ate nearly an entire case of bananas!

It was a perfectly nice Pesach, and I didn't give birth until the last day, so I got to enjoy all of my work Smile
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Post  Thu, Mar 26 2020, 8:19 am
Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. ni enjoyed reading the whole post.

May you continue to have much strength
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Post  Thu, Mar 26 2020, 9:14 am
Thanks for sharing! You sound very special
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