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Post  Thu, Mar 26 2020, 8:36 am
I know nobody can diagnose online....
So I guess I just want to hear what you think—
For a few weeks I had a horrible sinus infection and was very lethargic.
I was even given antibiotics before the pandemic broke out all around.
Usually the antibiotics work well for me for a sinus infection but this time I saw little relief.
Eventually after close to 3(!) weeks my sinuses cleared up. Now I have a mild sore throat and I’m so very tired but since my kids are all home, I’m pushing myself and managing.
A few days ago dh started feeling sick. He has all the symptoms of Covid19 including fever. He thinks I must have had the virus and he caught it from me.
It’s really impossible to know obviously.
If I did already have it, am I at risk to catch it again from him?
Most important, if I wear a mask and gloves, can I go out to buy food? That’s my real question. We need some food for shabbos. And we will need for pesach too.
Do you think I have to stay inside and avoid going out because my husband is sick? Is my mild sore throat something I need to isolate for even though I had a sinus issue for a few weeks?
This is all so confusing... I wouldn’t want to get anyone sick and don’t want to bring home germs either.
What would you do?
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Post  Thu, Mar 26 2020, 8:47 am
It's impossible to know what you had in the past, but since you have symptoms now you should NOT leave your house. At all. Please order food or contact a chesed organization. You can kill someone if you are contagious, even with a mask and gloves.
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