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Post  Wed, Apr 01 2020, 12:35 pm
Looking for reading material for my 14 year old son. It’s so hard to find appropriate material at this age. He’s not a sheltered kid, but I still don’t want him reading half of the YA novels out there. I’m ok with books like The Hunger Games, which he read already a few years ago.
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Post  Wed, Apr 01 2020, 12:39 pm
That's a tough one. I would try the Alex Rider series- there are a lot of them and if he gets into them they'll last him a while
Also the 39 clues series- there must be like 30 of them at this point but they're all relatively short
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Post  Wed, Apr 01 2020, 1:09 pm
Some series:

The Unwanteds

Michael Vey (author's last name is Evans, I think. If you look on Amazon it won't be hard to tell what the order of the books is).

Bodyguard (the first one is called The Recruit). The opening is a bit violent, but my son wasn't bothered by that.

The Shadow Children by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I think the first one is Among the Hidden.These might be a tiny bit young for him, but it's a lot of books, well written, basically clean, and a great story line.

Masterminds series by Gordon Korman (probably intended for slightly younger audience, but very enjoyable)

The Mapmakers Trilogy

Renegades series by Marissa Meyer

Books by Brandon Sanderson--he has a few different series

Books by Scott Westerfield--he has a few short series

Young adult books by David Baldacci.

Books by Sarah Beth Durst

I have found that my 15 year old DS is enjoying some of John Grisham's older books, including the Pelican Brief.
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Post  Wed, Apr 01 2020, 1:13 pm
Many of Jeffrey Archer's books are good for that age, and basically clean.

My kids don't love Agatha Christie, as they find the writing old fashioned, but those are terrific stories.
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Post  Wed, Apr 01 2020, 1:44 pm
Thanks so much for all of the recommendations! Will pass on to him.
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Post  Wed, Apr 01 2020, 2:59 pm
Note sure if any of these were mentioned:
Charlie bones series (Jenny Nimmo)
Ranger Apprentice Series (John Flanagan)
Septimus Heap Series (Angie Sage) - My 13 year old just finished this series and I am up to book 4 and am really enjoying it.
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Post  Wed, Apr 01 2020, 3:03 pm
I second Septimus Heap!! Angie Sage is a fabulous writer, I read this series as they were coming out as a teenager and LOVED it Smile Smile Smile They are loooong so will last a while.
She also wrote another series in the same universe (IIRC)- TodHunter Moon I think it's called- and those are also amazing
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Post  Wed, Apr 01 2020, 3:11 pm
The westing game

Theodore Boone series by John Grisham-legal series with a teen protagonist, for teen readers. Totally clean. Be very careful with grishams regular books-some are clean, some have s-x scenes etc

Harry potter

All series by Gordon Korman-the fugitives, island, everest etc etc

If hes a terrific reader, the count of monte cristo. The revenge is just delicious.

Roll of thunder hear my cry. Yes, its historical fiction. But its good.

Sherlock holmes' mystery series

Agatha Christie's mystery series! Start him on the really good famous ones, like Murder on the Orient Express, And Then There Were None...

James Herriot's books! (All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small etc)
They happen to be true accounts, but its as entertaining as if it were fiction, I often find myself laughing out loud. Very entertainingly written anecdotes of a veternarian working in England in early 1900s.
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