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Post  Thu, Apr 02 2020, 12:51 pm
Who Are the Voters Behind Trump’s Higher Approval Rating?
Justin Penn, a Pittsburgh voter who calls himself politically independent, favored Joseph R. Biden Jr. in a matchup with President Trump until recently. But the president’s performance during the coronavirus outbreak has Mr. Penn reconsidering. “I think he’s handled it pretty well,” he said of the president, whose daily White House appearances Mr. Penn catches on Facebook after returning from his job as a bank security guard. “I think he’s tried to keep people calm,” he said. “I know some people don’t think he’s taking it seriously, but I think he’s doing the best with the information he had.”

Although Mr. Penn, 40, said he did not vote for Mr. Trump, his opinion of the president has improved recently and he very well might back him for a second term.

Across the country, the coronavirus has sickened more than 150,000 people, cost millions their jobs and tanked the stock market. Yet the president’s approval ratings are as high as they have ever been, despite what most agree to be his slow performance dealing with the crisis, as well as his record of falsehoods about the virus, his propensity to push ideas and treatments that contradict expert advice, and his habit of lashing out at governors on the front lines. While public perceptions are fluid in a crisis, a notable twist in polling at this point is that independents are driving Mr. Trump’s bump in approval, and some increased Democratic support is a factor as well.

While Republicans’ views of Mr. Trump were flat — a sign they had already topped out — approval by independents rose by eight percentage points from early March, while Democratic approval was up by six percentage points.

Polling experts said that it was normal for the country to rally around a president during a national crisis, and that Mr. Trump’s dominance of the airwaves alone was enough to sway a slice of voters who don’t normally tune in to politics. “There are people who haven’t even heard Trump that much, while the rest of us have been obsessed,” said Matt Grossmann, director of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University. “Those people are paying attention and seeing Trump a lot.”

Interviews with about two dozen independent and Democratic voters, most of whom said they “somewhat disapproved” of Mr. Trump in a poll last year by The New York Times and Siena College, showed that some now expressed more positive views of him. Their numbers were small, consistent with what pollsters say is by historical standards a modest bump in approval for a commander in chief during an emergency. [NYT]
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Post  Thu, Apr 02 2020, 4:34 pm
It's funny. I vote Republican and there's a lot I'm giving the president props for. One big thing: evincing humility in listening to his experts. And I give props to our Democrat governor who I did NOT vote for.

There's a lot of blame to go around but there's a lot of good hard work too.
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Post  Thu, Apr 02 2020, 4:49 pm
I keep hearing a lot of democrats saying President Trump handled this situation very badly. That whatever he did, he should have done two weeks earlier, and more....

Honestly, two weeks earlier nobody would have listened to him. Purim I was still going to shul and parties and thinking the people who were nervous were nut cases. I know I'm not alone in that.

And when he cut off travel from China, the leading democratic candidates criticized him for that as an over-reaction. Called him xenophobic.

So, I really cannot begin to understand how anyone is finding fault here. It's so easy to look back and say, "he could have done better" but I think he's doing as well as he can and I for one am grateful that he's the one in office.
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Post  Thu, Apr 02 2020, 5:36 pm
Kudos to our president for caring enough about NYPD to obtain supplies and send them here within 16 hours of the request rather than just sitting around and stirring the pot and creating hysteria. Looking at you Mr. Mayor.....

See the NYPost for the article today. Done with help by Commissioner O’Neal, who is said to have quit because his hands were tied by same mayor. This is not a party thing to me.
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