Would you risk ttc in a few months. I'm battling coronoviru.

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Post  Mon, Apr 06 2020, 3:34 pm
I've had the virus for over a week now. I've never felt anything rip through my body as badly as this has (and I've had 4 tough pregnancies) this is something else. I'm just not getting better. The 1st couple days were the worst so bH I'm slightly better now but I can't explain how I feel. Just so ill but I've managed to pull pesach off, still doing regular stuff. I'm a massive doer and I can't just stay in bed although one morning I got up late at 11am. That's very late for me even though no schedule at mo besides feeding kids n making yt. I was ttc prior to all of this but now I'm back on the pill.

I know its still early days but do you think it's ok/sensible to ttc in say June/July time? My youngest is turning 4 in a few weeks. I really don't want to wait too long. I suppose it's a question for my Dr nearer to the time. I just hope it doesn't take like a year to get over properly Sad I need my strength back. Can't wait to feel normal again!
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Post  Mon, Apr 06 2020, 3:40 pm
Sorry I read too fast. I deleted.
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Post  Mon, Apr 06 2020, 3:41 pm
I wouldn't be planning anything now, just rest and focus on recovering. Wait and see what is what in the coming months and then decide. We can't predict the future and who knows what is going to happen come summer. Wishing you a refuah shleimah. 4 years isn't that big of an age gap, there are 7 years between me and my oldest brother and we're closer than I am to any of my other siblings.
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Post  Mon, Apr 06 2020, 4:28 pm
Can’t plan for a few months from now! We’re just trying to make pesach happen...
Obviously if you are not feeling well it won’t be something you’ll want to consider.
Hopefully you’ll be better soon
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Post  Mon, Apr 06 2020, 6:43 pm
my sister and I are eight years apart we are very close
I have an older brother 3 years older who I dont talk to
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Post  Mon, Apr 06 2020, 8:58 pm
I'm pregnant, I got pregnant just a little before Purim when Corona was heard of but not really feared. I don't regret it. I've heard that it's not supposed to be particularly bad for the fetus.

If it were me, I would wait until I felt completely better, then TTC. I don't think that should take longer than a few weeks.
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