How do I not sell him to Egypt?
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Post  Sun, Apr 26 2020, 3:00 pm
behappy2 wrote:
I dont know if its the age. My 4 year old is either really good (playing with her dolls, coloring etc..) or like others are saying fighting, pinching, screeching. When she's busy she's an angel. Can you get him to be busy is the question?

My problem is that I can't keep up. He's got all the energy, curiosity, inexorable incaution, and strength that seems to suit his age. When his brain falls out, everything deteriorates into wildness and chaos. I can keep him focused for a while (we start the day with breakfast, clothing, tefillah, mifgash - interspersed with tantrums), but not forever.

Today I took out my sewing machine, and I taught him how to sew a scrap into a little purse. I then set him the task of collecting rocks and building a house in our yard. He went out food shopping with abba while I took care of our grumpy, sleepy DD, and when they came home he helped put the food away. So far, so good. He unraveled during quiet time, in the early afternoon, so neither he nor I got the break that I need to keep going effectively. He spent the rest of the day eating, jumping on his sister when he thought I wasn't looking, and challenging me. I couldn't direct him into any activity or game - he just blew it up in a minute or two. I ended up doing bedtime an hour early, because they were both screaming and overwhelmed by then (and so was I!!). What more could I have done????
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Post  Sun, Apr 26 2020, 3:02 pm
banana123 wrote:
LOL Has he seen these?


Ooooh! We actually have the basic version of that kit, only we bought it in America! He's got the basic idea of a circuit - power, connectors, and the thing you want to power - but this looks like the next level up. Thank you!
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Post  Sat, May 09 2020, 10:08 pm
Rappel, I thought about this thread all Shabbos as my 2 year old bounced off the walls screeching (and then asked himself, "Why screaming?")
I kept thinking it's taking too much self control to not sell him to Egypt LOL

On a serious note, to all mom's dealing with active toddlers in teeny apartments now, you are in my prayers. Baaaaaaaaah. This is craziness
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Post  Sun, May 10 2020, 12:39 am
I'll take them all...
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