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Amelia Bedelia


Post  Tue, Apr 28 2020, 12:50 pm
A bit over a year ago, I purchased a new dishwasher. Lately, we've been having issues with it leaking, so I called down a frum appliance repair guy. He came on Friday and he showed me how the drain hose was punctured and was leaking, and asked me if I have an extended warranty. I couldn't remember (although I assumed that I did) so I contacted the frum company where I purchased it, located in the tristate area, and he told me that I did purchase an extended warranty, but since the drain hose is an external part of the appliance, there is no way the warranty company would cover it. He knows from experience that they do not cover such issues. So I called back the appliance repair guy and he said that that doesn't make sense. He knows for sure that any warranty company would for sure cover it, since without a working drain hose, the dishwasher is useless. So I called back the company, and he said they absolutely do not cover it but it's an easy fix. I can purchase my own dishwasher drain hose at a retailer such as Home Depot for $15 and connect it myself. He'd give me exact instructions. So, back to appliance repair guy, and he said, that's not a good idea. It needs to be done right, and I need to know it fits perfectly. Although it would seem logical that the appliance repair guy would try to talk me out of it so he can get my business to do it, I hired him because I trusted him. So instead I became wary of the customer service representative at the appliance retailer. Finally, after much back and forth between the repair guy and the retailer, with each of them contradicting each other:
Yes, the warranty company will cover it.
No, they won't

Yes, you can purchase the part at Home Depot and do it yourself
No, it needs to be done professionally (at a cost of $175).-

I finally asked the customer service guy just to humor me and put in the claim for me at the warranty company. He promised to call me back on Monday after he gets a response. After hanging up, I decided to check Mack warranty's website myself (after realizing I should've asked for my warranty contract and tried putting in the claim myself) to see if I can find their coverage terms. The website clearly stated that they are closed due to COVID-19 and they are not accepting new claims at this time. So that made me wonder what the appliance store guy would say- would he be honest about it, or cover up?

Today I called him back.
"Yes, it's like I thought. They will not cover it."
Me: Oh. Because according to the website they're closed. They're not filing new claims
Him: (Quiet)
Me: So are you saying that you put in the request and it was denied?
Him: Yes, I called and they told me they don't cover that.

I made sure to take the phone number and warranty contract number at the Mack warranty and called(, which I should have done at the start instead of relying on him to put in the claim). Of course, they're closed and the recording clearly stated that they're not accepting phone calls.

I am not assertive. I could not put the appliance customer service guy on the spot more than I already did. But can someone explain to me what he gains by lying to me? How does he lose out if I try to take advantage of a third party extended warranty company?
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Post  Tue, Apr 28 2020, 2:43 pm
IDK, but most appliance warrantees exclude parts like hoses that are notorious for wearing out quickly. I can't speak for third-party warrantees.
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Post  Tue, Apr 28 2020, 2:51 pm
I don't know. Do you think he might have a technician portal that he can put in claims to, that is separate from the consumer call center that is closed?
In general, like zaq said, hoses, adapters and such are not included, just the machine.
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Post  Tue, Apr 28 2020, 3:31 pm
The way I see it: He figured he was right, he didn't call, and then you caught him being lazy and unprofessional. Shame on him.

The technician is trying to make a whopping buck on you, because that's his living. I'd recommend looking up the needed repair on YouTube, watching a few videos, and seeing if it looks easy to you. If it does, then go get the parts and DIY. If it doesn't, then hire a repairman you trust.
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Amelia Bedelia


Post  Sun, May 03 2020, 9:46 pm
So this story really bothered me. At this point, I'm ready to just let it go. But after retelling the story to my mother, she thinks I should call the store and complain. I personally avoid doing things like that because I would never want to get an employee in trouble. However, I had been thinking of emailing the guy and would've done it if I would only have had access to his email address. My mother thinks I should call the store, ask for his personal email address, and email directly that I was disgusted, I know he was being dishonest, and how unprofessional that was. Alternatively, I guess I can call after business hours, get his personal voicemail, and leave a message saying the same. (I definitely don't want to put him on the spot in a direct phone call.) I prefer email, because I can think over the wording before hitting submit.

1. Should I let it go and forget about it?
2. Email (or voicemail)? If so, how would I word it?
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