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Post  Tue, Apr 28 2020, 8:57 pm
There was a very inspirational poem. Someone actually sent me an audio recording of it. It may have appeared on veltnews but my virus blocker won't let me go to the page.

If you google veltnews poem come home you may find it.
Anyone see/hear it?
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Post  Tue, Apr 28 2020, 11:52 pm
I found this:

A pandemic poem – well, it’s about time!
Haven’t heard enough? Now hear it in rhyme!

I hope you’ll read on, though I suspect that you will, Something tells me that you have time to kill.

But what can I say that has not been said?
What can I write that you have not read?

You’ve seen every meme, you’ve heard all the news, You’ve shared and reposted your medical views.

And why not just say it – it’s all pretty depressing, Solitude can turn out to be quite distressing.

How long ago did my fourteen days start?
Misery does not love being six feet apart.

So while most of you read this locked up in your room, With your browser tab firmly pinned onto Zoom,

I hope you find solace in the words I impart,
As they come to you straight from my quarantined heart.

I can’t begin to pretend I’ve figured anything out, I have no idea what all this is about,

I’m okay at math, that much I can tell,
But Divine calculation isn’t where I excel.

So I’ve thought as hard as my fried brain will allow, Not about “​Why?”​ but rather “​What now?”​

What to do now that there’s nothing to do?
How to approach this as a God-fearing Jew?

Well I think it is crucial that we make one thing clear, Hashem has His plan – there’s no need to fear.

Sometimes what we know is what must be stressed, God is good, God is kind – this is all for our best.

And with that as a pretext, what can we now gain? Hashem doesn’t just put us through haphazard pain.

Behind all these masks, a purpose is hiding,
With every gloved hand, His hand is guiding.

“Come home,” Hashem says, “I want you alone.” “Cancel, rebook, rain-check, postpone.

There is only one way to bring this about,
I am hereby declaring a global TIMEOUT.”

“Come in from your classrooms, your carpools, your schools, Come in from your minyans, your kollels, your shuls,

I know this is scary, and daunting, and new,
But right now this is what I want you to do.”

“Come in from your parties, your shows and your plays, Come in from your workplace, your 9:00 to 5:00 days,

Close all your stores, every stall, every shop,
Come in, My dear child, come in and just STOP.”

“I am closing all borders, no airports, no planes, No busses, no Ubers, no subways or trains,

You have nowhere to be, you have nothing to do, No need to make time – I’ve made it for you.”

“And now that there’s nowhere and no one to meet, Nothing to run to, to catch, host, or greet,

Now that I’ve filtered you down to your core,
Who are you when there’s no one to be anymore?”​

And it’s this very question that runs through my mind, Stripped down to my essence, who will I find?

“Who am I?” I wonder, and “Who am I not?”
And what do I do if it’s not who I thought?

Well time’s on our side, no argument there,
With these extra hours, how will you fare?

Are you really the person that you’ve claimed to be? “Come in,” Hashem says, “It’s just you and Me.”

Cry out to the Heavens, Hashem saves every tear, Give Him each worry, each burden and fear,

There’s no need to rush, Hashem stopped the clock, He shut down the world so that you could talk.
So stop and assess; rest and reflect,
And if you find that you must; pause and perfect.

These days are so precious, and rare, and bizarre, Use them and find out who you really are.

And even more vital than the person you see,
Who is it Hashem intends you to be?

Where are you going, and are you on your way?
Will you get there tomorrow with your deeds of today?

So embrace this brief time that we’re spending apart, Search through your soul and open your heart,

Leave outside out, take your journey indoors,
STAY INSIDE, SAVE A LIFE​; it may just be yours.

Man plans, God plans better; there’s no in-between, Bitachon is stronger than COVID-19,

Trust in Hashem, His ways are directed,
Start the spread​ of emunah till the whole world’s infected.

May we merit a future that is blissful and sweet, Hand in bare hand, we will dance through the street,

The world will rejoice in reason and rhyme,
As Hashem calls us home for the very last time.

In the zchus of a speedy Refuah Sheleima for all those affected by COVID-19.
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Post  Wed, Apr 29 2020, 1:03 am
Wow. So so beautiful and inspiring. Amen
Thanks for sharing
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Post  Thu, Apr 30 2020, 2:27 pm
Someone put (most of) the poem to music.
Now they are wondering if this is okay.

Seems the author wants to be anonymous & would not consider it copyrighted.
Anyone know her? Able to ask? I can have the song forwarded to someone who knows her for her approval.
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