How do you stand wearing tights in hot weather?
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Post Mon, May 18 2020, 3:57 pm
giselle wrote:
Cici, you come onto a forum that is comprised of all kinds of frum women and spout things that are most definitely Halacha (according to you) that many women here don’t follow. So what you’re basically saying is that many of us don’t follow halacha. And then you ask why bother? I don’t know, why do you bother posting on a site that is obviously not geared towards people like you? Should I quote rabanim who have spoken out against chasidim? I’d never do that, as I would consider it incredibly tactless.

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Post Mon, May 18 2020, 4:41 pm
CiCi wrote:
Where does it say you can't wear loose jeans if in today's society pants are also considered a women's beged? And it doesn't specifically say in the Torah that women need to cover their hair...b'kitzer, if you take everything apart you can do almost anything except eat chazer.

No Rav who paskened halacha which was included in the Shulchan Aruch would ever say you can go without tights in the street.
I have not read further than this reply in this thread, but CiCi you must realize that no, this is not THE only way rabbanim pasken.
I dont ever wear tights, not winter or summer. I learned that my knees have to be covered, not the whole leg. As soon as it is hot, I wear sandals.
There are most definitely rabbis that say it is completely fine to go in the street without tights. How can you make such a sweeping generalization about all frum jewry????
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Post Mon, May 18 2020, 4:49 pm
CiCi wrote:
Ok, did some research regarding halacha and no tights. Originally I mentioned no tights as I thought the discussion was about bare legs, I did not think of long skirts. Afterwards when people mentioned long skirts and socks, I did more research on the halacha of "no tights"

Those who go according to the ruling of the mishna brirah, the leg from under the knee until the ankle may be uncovered. That means that a skirt MUST be a few inches below the knee to cover the knee and thigh while walking, running or sitting. THIS IS HALACHA ACCORDING TO ALL SHITTAS. Unfortunately, many have taken the halacha of the Mishna Brirah that one can have uncovered from under the knee to the ankles and they use it as ahbetter for baring their leg, from knee to feet. Many are wearing no socks while wearing a straight skirt that pulls up while sitting or walking. Or, people have the indecency even further to wear skirts that don't cover the knees at all.

Also many people who's family never went according to the Mishna Brirah, all of a sudden, in this generation, decided that they don't need to cover their legs with tights.

When I was a kid I remember MOs with their longish, full skirts (3-4" below the knee) and ankle socks. That was then considered modernish wear then. How low we have fallen. Today women wear straight skirts right to the knee that show the knee when walking and the thigh when sitting. With tights it's bad enough and totally ussor, but without tights?!

Women wearing no socks and showing the ankle is against halacha, whether one is wearing leggings or not.
CiCi, I grew up MO. Never wore stockings or tights. Only put them on in the winter when it was cold, for the warmth, as in woolen ones. Nobody I knew growing up wore socks in the summer.

I do agree about the skirts becoming shorter and shorter. That makes me upset.
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Post Mon, May 18 2020, 4:53 pm
CiCi wrote:
Wearing tights is not a chimrah. The wearing of tights is halacha for those who are bought up in communities where that is the shittah that is followed. For me wearing tights is not a chimrah, it is halacha. I understand that some people have a hard time living in Chassidishe communities or other Chareidi communities and they seek out a different derech. Even if they adopt the shittas and minhugim of the communities they join, that gives them no license to transgress halacha, even when those communities are lax in halachas of tznius.

I'm not interested in derailing this thread with the commenting on this community doing this or that community doing that, but for the sake of the truth being set on record, it is not only about "rebel ex-Chareidm" not following halacha. There are some MOs who do not practice the halachas of tznius. There are some in dati leumi communities who don't adhere to halachas of tznius. You have this type of dress all over, not only by "rebel Ex-Chareidim".
And this here is the type of thing that I mentioned a while back as making me both sad and very angry. CiCi, who are you to tell another FRUM jew, no matter what community they are from, that they are or are not following halacha.
You follow your rabbanim and what you learn and we follow what we learn from our rabbanim. It may not be the same, but that does not mean that what we learn is wrong or that we are not following halacha.
That is so rude. Do you not see that?????
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Post Mon, May 18 2020, 4:55 pm
And lastly, CiCi, it is very well known that OzVeHadar, and Rav Falk was known to be the most machmir of machmir.
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Post Mon, May 18 2020, 5:15 pm
Mishnah Berurah 75:2, Igros Moshe E.H. 4:100, Halichos Shlomo Tefillah 20:footnote 22, Ve’aleihu Lo Yeibol
1:page 315, Chazzon Ish O.C. 16:8, Salmas Chaim 88:page 28, see 89, opinion of Harav Aron Kotler zt”l quoted in
Levusha Shel Torah pages 512-516, Halichos Shlomo Tefillah 20:footnote 22. Refer to Rav Akiva Eiger pesakim 98,
see Pri Megadim M.Z. 75:1.

These are sources where it is paskened that the shok is defined as the thigh and not the bottom half of the leg (meaning it doesn't have to be covered) if you hold by the shittas.

(This list from Rav Belsky's Halachically Speaking)
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