Democrat Party is a CRIMINAL Organization

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Post  Wed, May 20 2020, 3:01 pm
We now know that the Democrat Party is a criminal organization, similar to the Mafia.
The DNC will commit any crime to gain power.

The DNC committed SEDITION – attempting to illegally overthrow a duly elected president.

The DNC illegally spied on Candidate Trump and President Trump using a FAKE Dossier that the DNC paid for and created. The DNC LIED to the FISA Court to illegally spy on Trump.

Crooked Department of Justice Officials prosecuted Flynn, Manafort and Stone for lying to investigators but it was the investigators who were both lying and hiding exculpatory evidence. These men were prosecuted only because they were associates of President Trump.

BIDEN unmasked General Flynn, a Felony punishable by up to ten years in prison.

Andrew McCabe, FBI Director, leaked classified information (a crime) to Wall Street Journal and lied about it.

James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence lied to congress under oath.

John Brennan, Director of CIA, lied to congress under oath.

Lois Lerner, Director of IRS, rigged Obama's re-election by denying conservative groups
from tax-exempt fund raising.

Adam Schiff, lied to American People that he saw evidence of Trump Collusion with Russia – but never produced any. Mueller Report stated No Evidence of Trump or his seniour officials colluding with Russia.

OBAMA was in on all of the above. Obama told Attorney General Sally Yates details about Flynn’s phone call with Sergey Kislyak – not vice versa. Obama knew more about the spying on Flynn than his Attorney General!

When criminals are in power NOBODY is safe. What was done to Trump is being done to many innocent Americans – railroaded into jail! The Democrat Party is no better than the Soviet Union Communists who murdered and imprisoned millions of people.
That is what the Democrat Party will do if they ever get the power to do it.

Do Not Vote for Tyrants and Criminals I.e. Democrats !
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