What Won’t You Take For Granted Ever Again After This?
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Post  Mon, May 25 2020, 1:39 pm
amother [ Crimson ] wrote:
That's fine with me.

But it is also naive to say that next year we will look back.

True. I'd love schools to start, and stay open. That's what I'm hoping for the most. Some structure, normality and friends for the kids!
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Post  Mon, May 25 2020, 1:45 pm
Going shopping with my kids. My kids haven't been on a food store with me in forever and I actually miss it (Even though they drive me crazy sometimes).
Also having a normal work day, with my kids in school.
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Post  Mon, May 25 2020, 4:04 pm
Smiling at strangers on the street or the bus. I love to smile at people, and when they smile back it makes my day. Smiling at other people's babies is also awesome, especially if I get a gummy grin back in return.

I feel so blank with a mask on. I want to connect to everyone in a friendly, non verbal way, and my facial expressions are a huge part of who I represent to the world. I feel "muted" and isolated, even when I'm in a crowd.

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Post  Mon, May 25 2020, 7:43 pm
amother [ Periwinkle ] wrote:
Funny. I've come to realize that all my distant acquaintances can make simchos without me and my life is much more peaceful without running out to mazel tov simchos every night.

I hope people keep simchos small in the future. And even if they dont... count me out.

I Agree wholeheartedly.
I’m chassidish and after a simcha of my siblings child we all trudge home at 3-4 am exhausted with half asleep, whiny kids. Then there’s Sheva brochos to attend the day after, etc. Never mind the added expense of clothing and hair.
It’s Time for small, homey affairs, And not everyone has to be invited all the time.
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Post  Mon, May 25 2020, 9:26 pm
Going to a grocery store.
Spending time in Barnes and Noble.
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Post  Mon, May 25 2020, 10:37 pm
visiting my parents
going to shul
hugging loved ones
bikur cholim going into a hospital
going into a doctor or dentist's office
walking outside
going to a loved ones house and inviting them for shabbos and Y"T
hosting and being hosted
meeting up with loved ones
being healthy
being able to daven, do mitzvah, and say tehilim
hearing aseres ha dibros
getting on an airplane
making chasunos and simchos without "precautions" and "fears" and added complications
going to a simcha
making a simcha
going to a grocery store or any store
going to a workout class
bumping into someone
taking in packages and mail without concerns
returning orders at UPS
going to the post office
borrowing and lending items
picking up takeout
going to an event at schools...
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Post  Tue, May 26 2020, 1:08 am
I didn't know that I really like people. I like seeing them, and I like making small talk with them.

I am the anti-small talk. I never figured out how to do it, and I would much rather stay home than go places and see people.

But I learned that I was wrong about myself. The mothers of my kids' friends, former neighbors, distant cousins, even cashiers and people stocking shelves. The people we make small talk with; the ones I never thought were important players in my life. They are. They all are.
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