Democrats Worry Boost In Economy Means Trump Victory

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Post  Tue, May 26 2020, 11:16 am
If you doubted that Dems are so low and corrupt, that they care only about their own political power, and not the safety and welfare of Americans, including a strong economy, here you have it. They’re gleeful that the economy has suffered as a result of the pandemic! And they’re terrified of it ending! Utterly shameful and scandalous.

Dems reportedly warning preelection economic surge could boost Trump

Bobby Jindal: Dems are 'willing to crush the economy' if it leads to Trump loss
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Post  Tue, May 26 2020, 11:27 am
The Republicans and its propaganda machine are trash talking Democrats, because that's what they do.

They have utterly failed to protect Americans, and to protect the economy, during this pandemic.

They tried to peddle the lie that its all the fault of a president who has been out of office over 3 years, first by trying to blame him for a lack of tests for a disease that didn't even exist 3 years ago, and then by claiming he didn't leave pandemic guidelines, although he did (of course, even if he didn't, you'd have to wonder where they were for 3 years). Because their minions follow the cry of "its all Obama's fault," and "but the emails" while ignoring facts.

Now they're spreading lies that Democrats want to tank the economy, instead of trying to help small businesses and those who are suffering. No Democrat wants the economy to tank. They were ahead before Covid. They're ahead now. Democrats actually CARE about people. Not a one has suggested they drink Lysol, for example. Oh, just joking. Ha ha ha. 100,000 deaths is hilarious. Something to joke about.

All because they certainly cannot run on Trump's record. Almost 100,000 dead in just 3 months. While he was proclaiming that we have nothing to worry about, touts snake oil and worse, and spends his days tweeting nasty things about TV commentators.
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Post  Tue, May 26 2020, 11:37 am
SixOfWands wrote:
The Republicans and its propaganda machine are trash talking Democrats, because that's what they do...

6 new politics threads in the last day by the same poster and another of their older ones revived...
Posted that one minute too soon. Make that 7 new threads.
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