Thanking Hashem for the "Bad"

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Post  Sat, May 30 2020, 3:29 pm
Gam zu l'tova - This TOO is for the good.

It's easy to say that you know that everything is from Hashem, but when something "bad" happens, do you really feel it? Can you actually see Yad v'Hashem and be joyful?

I'm a work in progress, as we all are. Some are closer to that level of emunah than others. Let's share some of our moments, no matter how big or small.

I cooked a ton of food for Shavuos, even though I live alone. I really like to cook. I tried some new recipes, and they all pretty much failed. My cheesecake was beautiful in the oven, it looked as light and airy as a souffle. I let it cool a long time before I touched it, but it still fell flat as a pancake. Not only that, it tasted both watery and grainy at the same time, and the crust burnt on the bottom. It wasn't horrible, but my dog was happy to get the rest.

I made a quiche, and it turned out that the cheese I chose was that waxy Israeli stuff that does not melt, and has no flavor. I made pastry with Camembert inside, and I used too much pastry and not enough cheese filling, so it was almost all carbs.

So why do I say "Baruch Hashem"? Because of social distancing, I didn't have company over, and I didn't bring food to anyone else. I didn't have to be totally embarrassed by my cooking, and I didn't have anyone feel forced to be polite and eat it even though it was not so great.

I chopped up the failures and put them in the freezer. If I ever run out of cat or dog food, I'll have something to give them until I can get to the store again. Nothing is wasted.
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Post  Sun, May 31 2020, 1:54 am
Rain isn't 'bad' but sometimes may get us under the weather and can be very annoying. In other words, not so convenient. But seeing the good in the bad is something too

Today, exactly a year ago. Motza Shvous we left my mil house and were welcomed by heavy rain. I wasn't too happy as I can't sleep peacefully, from the sound, and for the driver- waving wipers is quite annoying. Thus we set out.
On our way home from Canada our car slipped off the road due to pouring rain. Exact details--we were in the center lane signaling to go into the left lane, when we drove into a puddle causing the car to slip. The driver, trying to gain back control, totally lost it and in for a ride we were. Went from center to left lane, then all the way to the right, onto grass, knocked over a small gate, before coming to an abrupt stop. All the while my DH screaming shema yisroel, and me, sitting next to my then 10 month old baby, holding onto his car seat. BUT, in the direct result of this pouring rain our car came to an early halt, avoiding major casualties! We got stuck in quite deep mud, semi downhill. Needed towing truck to schlep us out. We all came out this shaken up but bh without a single scratch. The entire way further home I couldn't stop thinking, if not for the rain, who knows where we would've landed???
Accident was meant to be. But that the same thing causing our accident should save us as well, beyond my understanding. We have one big God!
Never complain about rain anymore.
Whenever I remind myself of this incident, I can't thank Hashem enough for staying alive to tell my tale!

Chasdei Hashem
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Post  Sun, May 31 2020, 2:12 am
Wow! Thank you for this thread!
To the poster above, BH you are alive and well! Thank you for publicizing Hashem's miracle, I will totally look at rain differently from now on
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Post  Sun, May 31 2020, 9:19 am
I don't think you have to feel that the bad is good. I think that by thanking for the bad we acknowledge that Hashem is in charge and he designed this bad especially for our benefit! I got a flat tire, while I didn't look at it as bad, I did thank Hashem for it. I looked at it as a kappa ra instead of something worse challila. So in essence yes I thought it was good compared to what could have been. Just my two cents.
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