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Post  Mon, Jun 01 2020, 10:49 pm
Anyone have any tips for cutting boys hair?
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Post  Mon, Jun 01 2020, 11:30 pm
supersmile wrote:
Anyone have any tips for cutting boys hair?

No good tips but on June 15th barber shops will be able to reopen in New Jersey.
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Post  Mon, Jun 01 2020, 11:54 pm
Depending on how you style, that makes a huge difference in how much effort needs to be put in.
My sons have a chup and regular typical haircut. I do a number 4 all around starting from the back until aprox mid the top of the head. Then I do a 6 (or an 8 depending on if I messed up last time... and did a drop too short) for the chup. For the chup I do it more from a distance, for the rest I do straight down on the head. After that I do a bit behind the ears. Then a comb + scissor to shorten peyos, and cut any straglers on the bottom near the kneck. I would say they come out pretty great but once in a while I will make a mistake, like the chup too short. It grows back tho! This is for a litvish cut.... for more yeshivish with no chup, it is much simpler. If you leave bangs, that is harder, as a chup doesn't need to be exact.
This cape was a HUGE game changer for the kids having to deal with itchyness, not kvetching about hair all over and super easy cleanup.

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