For anyone who thinks covid is just as dangerous as the flu
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Post  Sun, Jun 28 2020, 2:49 pm
PinkFridge wrote:
So often when people see messages, it's for yenem not themselves.
But there's no question that we have to double down on good behavior in shuls, respect for rabbanim, respect - and awe - for our teachers and schools.
And let's daven that we see a historical cyclical reality: when we go through something cataclysmic, a tekufa of peace and bracha follows. Let's daven that we see it and maximize the potential it offers.

No, I see this as a message for the entire community as a whole. Meaning it's not a "we have to stop judging" kind of message, it's more like a "we need to (for example) make a racket and kick this pedophile doctor out of town" kind of message. (That's not the message....)
Something that only as a community can we accomplish. But also something that each person needs to be doing themselves.
So for instance if the message is that we need to build a new mikva that's a community project but each person has to donate x amount of money, so if that were the message I saw (it's not) I am donating x amount of money specifically because I believe this is the message. But I'm not talking about the new mikva to anyone else because I will just get yelled at that the mikva is perfectly good and it's heresy to say we need a new one. (Again this is an example...)

Honestly in this case I don't think it has anything to do with respect for rabbanim or teachers, or whether people talk in shul. I think it is much much bigger than that, a systematic overhaul that Hashem is looking for.
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Post  Sun, Jun 28 2020, 3:35 pm
I think we have to be receptive to our local rabbanim.
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Post  Sun, Jun 28 2020, 10:38 pm
ora_43 wrote:
What nchr said.

Excess deaths in NYC

The CDC report

The basic idea is that some covid19 deaths aren't reported as such for various reasons - eg people were never tested, or got a false negative. In order to estimate how many deaths like that there were, researchers look at how many people died in past years, and how off we are this year from what's normal.

Not all of the extra deaths were caused by covid. There were also, unfortunately, people who died at home of things like heart attacks because they were afraid to go to the hospital. IOW deaths that are "attributable to the pandemic," but not part of the covid19 mortality calculation.

(in my second calculation I assumed almost 95% covid-related, which is almost certainly too high; I was going for an upper limit)

Fair enough. Many people sadly died of other treatable causes because they were not able to receive proper treatment. I thought the discussion here was about how deadly or dangerous covid is as a virus, in which case I wouldn't include those people who died of, say, cardiac arrest at home due to hospital overwhelm.

As an aside, it's now suspected that 23 million Americans have had covid. That's 10 times the number of positive tests. That would obviously reduce the fatality rate as well.
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