Help! DD 7 keeps kvetching and whining!!!

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Post  Sun, Jul 05 2020, 2:29 pm
She is my first DD, my boys did not do this!

I’ve been saying “I can’t hear you when you’re kvetching, speak in a calm voice and I’ll be able to hear you” and “would you like me to help you say/ask that in a calm voice?”

What would be helpful?

She asked for a prize chart, but how would that work, it’s not as thoug she can get through a day without any kvetched at this point?

And yes, she gets lots of individual attention, I feel that she is developing low frustration tolerance, for example, if I told her to go change into her bathing suit so we can go sprinkling and she can’t find her favorite bathing suit, I’ll tell her to wear the other one, she will kvetch “I waaaaaaant the piiiiiiiink one” in this whiny tone!!!!!! Sometimes I’ll say “so ask calmly ‘mommy can you help me find the pink one please’” and she can repeat that.... but it’s almost always a dramatic whine that is her initial reaction to anything not going 100% her way.
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Post  Sun, Jul 05 2020, 3:11 pm
Are her days busy and productive? I know, so so so hard with (I'm assuming) no school and no camp... but I have a DD who's prone to this also and I definitely see it happen more when she's not stimulated enough.
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