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Post  Fri, Jul 17 2020, 4:36 pm
Is there such a thing? My DH is a total pack rat and not an organized one either. He has so much stuff and never puts it away. It gives me heartburn. He just keeps acquiring stuff and can't get rid of the old stuff. seriously it's is giving me stress and causing a riff.
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Post  Fri, Jul 17 2020, 4:53 pm
there's such a thing as a personal organizer but it's for someone who cares but has trouble doing it themselves. None can stop your husband from hoarding if he doesn't want to stop.

Does he want help or do you want help? That unfortunately is the first question you need to ask. I have family members who are hoarders. I grew up like that. I've seen personal organizers come and go and I've seen them not be allowed to touch a certain family member's stuff because only a different family member wanted help...

I have one family member who used a therapist who specializes in people who hoard. I believe she lives in Brooklyn and comes to your house to help you get rid of stuff, taking in to account the psychological issues you are having. She helped more then others but mental illness is mental illness....

I actually found her on imamother and recommended her to this relative. People here were horrified by her after pictures because they couldn't relate to her clientelle Wink
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