Using stolen money to give charity
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Post  Wed, Jul 22 2020, 1:37 pm
I think it has a corrosive effect on our yeshivos and our values when we accept dirty money.

It means that we can't unequivocally denounce things that are wrong. We justify, we make excuses, we normalize, we assume that everyone must be corrupt. Our kids absorb the lesson that low-level fraud is okay because our yeshivos are funded by fraud.

It really turns my stomach.
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Post  Wed, Jul 22 2020, 1:42 pm
chocolatecake wrote:
I have heard of some Yeshivas that only accept "frum" money. Money from ppl that are shomer shabbos.

This is only partially true. I have heard of such a Yeshiva who on paper only do but had no problem taking money from my non Shomer Shabbos Uncle. Today's days not all non frum money is made on Shabbos.
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