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Post  Mon, Aug 03 2020, 7:40 am
Looks like that thread is for one type of "can't share in real life" stories....

So here's a thread for all the other "can't share in real life stories."

NOTE: This thread is for stories that are not politically correct. NO BASHING ALLOWED!

I'll start....

DD said "I'm always going to be a sister, and DS is not."
DS - "I'm always going to be a brother, right?"
Me - "Yeah, unless you turn into a sister, or decide to be a sister."
DS - "I'm never going to be a sister, I like being a boy! And anyways that would just be pretending, it wouldn't be real."

We passed by someone smoking where they weren't allowed....
DD: "Mommy call the police on that man, he's a criminal, he's trying to kill people."

DD to someone smoking: "Why do you want to kill yourself?"
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Post  Mon, Aug 03 2020, 9:18 am
We where getting ready for a family wedding. My mil had her face done 'professionally' (not very professional imho) and her face had some type of shiny finish that made her wrinkles (she has a lot) very deep and obvious. When she came into the house my 4yo took on look at her and loudly said "waw you look so old". I was so embarrassed. My dd was honestly right. But hearing that as the first compliment when you just spend money...
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