Where did you buy your kids clothing? how much did you pay?
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Post  Wed, Sep 02 2020, 12:14 pm
I have three little girls, shopped in H&M, Children's Place, Gap, Lulu (end of season sale), Zara (end of season sale), la redoute, Tottini and had some things from last year, as well as some things from parents/grandparents.
All together, including weekday and shabbos clothes/robes, pajamas, coats, jackets - Totals $825. That's about $275 per kid.
I still need to get shoes and socks. And maybe hair bows.
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Post  Wed, Sep 02 2020, 1:07 pm
I don't buy weekday clothing for my kids, if that helps anyone, because they go to school 6 days a week and have very little vacation. The one day here and there they can wear their summer clothing (girls) or even uniform (boys).

I believe in buying cheap and making it last as much as possible. That way if something gets ruined, I don't get upset and it's easy to replace.

Teen boys- white button down shirts, weekday and shabbos: French Toast. They last beautifully even from one child to another.
Dark cotton pants- French Toast and they also last well.
For one child who is huskier, I do children's place pants which costs more and don't last at all, but they're the only pants he likes.
Weekday jackets for davening- Target $30 Cat and Jack brand look nice and last well.
Shabbos suits: I've been happy with Van Huesen flexible fit on Amazon. Inexpensive. The jacket and pants are sold separately which is good for us since sometimes we need a bigger size jacket and smaller size pants. Or if the crease in the pants wear out after some time, I buy another pair of pants and the suit looks crisp again.
I've also bought Gioberti suits on Amazon but the pants rip easily, or Armando Martillo which is good quality and inexpensive.
For shoes I buy black skechers or similar on Amazon under $50 and I love Bruno Marco dress shoes about $30 and very comfortable and good quality.
Undershirts underwear is the standard multi pack from Fruit of the Loom and socks are Children's Place.
Cheap but they don't look cheap.

For girls- all their summer clothing I got at kidichic 50% off sale at the beginning of the season and are still in good condition. Uniform jumpers are French Toast on Amazon which are just a few dollars and last well. Tights from children's place on sale. Shoes are challenging because they have small feet but we will find something.
Shabbos dresses I found nice things for yomtov on Amazon and KMW, for not a lot ($30 and under). Shabbos shoes, hair accessories, etc., they have plenty from previous years. Nightgowns I bought from kidichic on a good sale- $10 each.

Coats I bought last year a bit big so they would last two winters. I got Lands End down for about $75 each.

Babies don't need much and Carter's always has sales on Amazon, walmart, or target.
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Post  Fri, Sep 04 2020, 12:44 pm
Just 1 toddler girl:
Weekday dresses- h&m, last year old navy sale, last year gap sale, zulily- $4-8 each.
Shabbos dresses- children’s place, h&m, Carter’s, gap- $15 each
Leggings- children’s place- $3.47 each (just size up)
Pjs- some left from last season, otherwise children’s place and Carter’s $10 each.
Tights- left from pesach (she outgrew just before pesach)
A lightweight coat from zulily, will buy heavier when they get cheaper.
Sweatshirts- Carter’s and children’s place.

Total of around $200.
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Post  Fri, Sep 04 2020, 1:10 pm
Ok this is fun but I don’t know the prices offhand
Two boys I bought sweaters on AliExpress and tees at H&M. Pants at H&M. Shabbos clothes I most still had from the spring. Added some from pastel and lulu. Shoes I didn’t get yet will see where I can find a store with no lines. Coat on sale at casual place. Splurged on a shabbos coat for the older one. 190$ including shipping hopefully it’ll last for 3 winters. Younger one is getting shabbos coat from the older one.
Girl can’t buy at department stores anymore. So dresses shabbos and vochen, shabbos robes, tights, and shoes. Pastel, lulu, and another Jewish store. Shoes at local shoe store. Coat from Dave and Bella 130$.
Pjs for everyone from carters
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