If so many people dislike long davening - why do we do it?
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Post Mon, Sep 21 2020, 6:40 pm
We had not been in shul since Purim, and it was a treat to go again for RH. But this time we went to a different shul where we had never been for HH services before. It was more in tune (literally!) with my ancestral roots and the way I grew up, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We got home between 1 and 2 o'clock each day and it was a long walk, but to me it was so worth it. (And I wore nice comfortable shoes, but I'm old enough that no one ever questions that!) Also, I'm not so fluent in Hebrew so the slower they daven, the better I can keep up with them.
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Post Mon, Sep 21 2020, 6:44 pm
Thank you all for your responses.

After reading what you said, I come to this conclusion:

Long davening can be enjoyable if the community and you as an individual can hold the concentration. Understanding the text, beautiful melodies, maybe also participation are key factors to make it enjoyable.

Some people just use the time and atmosphere to go after their own personal thoughts and prayers.
And some people think that some suffering should play into it...
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Post Mon, Sep 21 2020, 7:29 pm
Oh how I love the long davening!!! My shul finished after 4 pm. I was there from 9 till 4. How I enjoyed the time with HKBH. Davening, praising, talking and thanking. I didnot feel its long because on such a deep day who can sleep? Who can read? And food, who can eat, during the break I went to snack just for survival. But we all know I life is at stake on this awesome day. So why not spend time enveloped in prayers its all we can do to ensure a blissful blessed year
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