Why am I the only one with this problem?

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Post Thu, Sep 24 2020, 5:47 am
What does one do in the current situation with a child with anxiety?

My ten year old daughter is the one who when she gets a little bump it must be a sprain. A scratch and she's sure she needs stitches. A scratchy throat is obviously the flu... This anxiety was not helped at all by the current covid crisis and seeing how sick I was a few months ago when I had covid (the rest of the family had mild cases) probably made it even worse! She has academic anxiety as well. She'll often work herself up so much that she actually feels ill the morning before a test.

Knowing all this, I have always had a rule with this child, if you don't have a fever and you're not throwing up you go to school. I've broken this rule many times when it was obvious she was really under the weather and kept her home (I work from home so I don't think twice about keeping a sick child home from school) but it's the rule I tell her. She takes her temperature multiple times a month before school (pre covid) and I've spent many a morning calming her down and packing her sucking candies for her pre-test "sore throat" or rice cakes for her tummy ache (I believe it actually hurts her, anxiety can do that)

Now to today.
She has two tests. The first ones this school year. I just spent almost an hour calming her down this morning. She took her temperature multiple times. She was completely panicking that she's sick so she can't go to school. I've seen this before. Many times. But that was before this year.

Before you start in on me I KNOW she doesn't have covid, she wasn't exposed to anyone In addition the entire family had it in March, tested positive for antibodies. This is her anxiety.

My problem is that there's obviously zero tolerance for sending an unwell child to school right now. And I wouldn't. But just as sure as I am that she's not sick I also know that this is going to happen many many times this year.

Now MY anxiety is going through the roof. Help!
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Post Thu, Sep 24 2020, 5:50 am
You are not alone. My friends son faked a headache during the school day so that he can go home. And go home he did. Other years the principal was like kid go back to class and drink some water .... But not this year. Nope she had to pick him up from school and he had to zooooooom the day away.
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Post Thu, Sep 24 2020, 5:56 am
My son is struggling too. We had to get him into a top (and very expensive) therapist. He's had therapy for his anxiety a couple years ago. During lockdown he started pulling out his eyebrows Sad plucking them from stress/boredom? Bh the therapy seemed to help (he stopped picking over the summer holidays and bh they grew mostly back) but bam he started high school and he went right back to it. He's restarted the therapy since the holidays. I daven that it helps him.
I'm so sorry for what you're going through. Your daughter should probably get the help now before it c.v gets any worse. Hugs
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Post Thu, Sep 24 2020, 6:15 am
You are definitely not alone!!
Practical suggestion: do you think it would help to give her a set amount of sick days per week/month/year. Simply knowing that she has that freedom might make some of her anxiety go away.
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Post Thu, Sep 24 2020, 6:17 am
Many children - and adults - are suffering this anxiety.
Every time I have to go to the mikveh I panic, is that a sniffle? Is my throat sore? Do I need to get tested? Etc etc

My youngest has developed anxiety during this time - only 4 yo. We are seeing a psychologist, we aren’t able to support her on our own.

Get your daughter some help, help her understand that it’s the anxiety talking. It’s such a stressful time.
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Post Thu, Sep 24 2020, 6:20 am
I have a more minor version of this problem. Whenever ds hears that anyone else is sick, he's convinced he's also sick. He also takes his temperature a ridiculous amount of times. He missed lots of school over the years since he has asthma, allergies, and reflux.
Thanks to covid, we take our temperature very often now. Ds did not take his temperature today although I have to take his brother's temperature daily for school. He called me from school that he thinks he's sick. His symptoms sound more like he's tired, but anything is possible, and I can't take the chance of having him sick in school now. He's in high school, and I told him he can't just walk out of school; he needs to talk to the principal before leaving. I'm hoping they have an accurate thermometer and could take his temperature just to assure him that he's not deathly ill.
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Post Thu, Sep 24 2020, 6:27 am
My dd has an auto immune disease that is under control now. But there were times she was in pain and ended up in hospital.
She is terrified of every ache and pain. I feel so bad for her.
I actually have her setup to start with a therapist after succos. In this case I’m pretty sure it’s trauma related so I’m hoping it will just be a few sessions.
I just want to help her so she can get a handle on it for the rest of her life.
And I want to feel more empathy for when she complains. Now I’m like let’s wait 1 hour to see if it is over by then because it typically is.
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