How do people decide on what car to buy or lease?

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Post  Sat, Sep 26 2020, 10:07 pm
How do people decide what car to buy or lease? There are so many to choose from and if you only know what you're used to from what you grew up with or currently have, do most people just choose the same kind of car they know. Is there a car quiz that can help narrow the choices based on what features you want and then you can test those models out?
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Post  Sat, Sep 26 2020, 10:28 pm
We decided based on size of car and price (and also a 3 year lease with 12k miles per year). We chose a leasing agent and he gave us a couple of choices based on criteria.
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Post  Sat, Sep 26 2020, 10:32 pm
We originally took the cheapest. An agent for a leasing company will surely help
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Post  Sat, Sep 26 2020, 10:33 pm
First decide what kind of car you need - sedan - mini van etc.

Then decide what your budget is.

When buying a car I consult the Consumer Reports Car Buyers Guide. It gives you the best tested cars in every category and in every price point - e.g. budget - medium and expensive.

After narrowing down cars, visit dealers to check out in person but DO NOT buy when you visit.

When you have narrowed down to the car you actually want to buy, you start researching the lowest price you can get it for.

There are certain brands like Toyota and Honda for medium priced cars which are always highly rated in terms of durability. But there are other car brands that are also good but generally speaking if you want to do no research, you can't go wrong with a Honda or a Toyota. I have owned two Hondas and one Toyota. I now own a more expensive brand that is a sister company to the Toyota Very Happy
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Post  Sat, Sep 26 2020, 10:36 pm
Where do you live? I live on Long Island and not so far away on Northern Blvd. there is a stretch of a few blocks with pretty much every type of car dealership. DH and I do a little research ahead of time and decide what features are most important to us. Then we go from dealership to dealership looking at the cars in person and narrow down our choices to our top 3 or so and then we ask to do test drives. We are very clear with the salespeople that we are just looking and will need time to decide so they know not to count on us for a sale. Then we decide which vehicle we want and look for a good deal.

We usually end up leasing through the same company and then every 3 years we just go for a newer version of the vehicle we have unless something changes drastically so we don't go car shopping that often. The last time we did was when Odysseys jumped in price and we went to look for other minivan/SUV options.
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Post  Sat, Sep 26 2020, 10:53 pm
We call wheels to lease. They have been very helpful. We are getting a new car from them this week.

We had a Traverse. The price went up and they helped us find a different vehicle. I need a car with AWD. Everything else wasn't as important.
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