Hashem is in charge. Is this a comfort?
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Post  Thu, Oct 08 2020, 11:13 am
Success10 wrote:
I once learned in a parenting class that different types of people take comfort in different things. For me, the words "Hashem is in charge" are in fact very comforting, because that means that even if the outcome isn't pleasant, it's not by chance either. It needed to happen to me, and to all others affected by it. Some people don't find that to be a solace, since the outcome may still very well be unpleasant. There is no blanket answer for your question.

I think this is a very useful and true point. I like that it allows for personality differences between people.

Also, I think that when we think about this question, we need to distinguish between determining and defining what is true (what we as frum Jews are supposed to believe) and what gives us comfort, makes us feel better, what we prefer to think, and what we like better (intellectually and/or emotionally). (I am trying to say that something might be true but be difficult to accept emotionally, and, on the other hand, something may give us comfort/solace but not be necessarily true.)
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Post  Thu, Oct 08 2020, 11:31 am
Yes, it's very comforting!!

There is A LOT, A LOT, A LOT of pain and tzaros in the world. I honestly cannot understand how Hashem can allow us to go through so much pain.

But, I KNOW that He knows why and He is our loving and caring Father Who wants the best for us.

One day we will beH be zoche to understand. Until then I'll wait. I don't want to CV be taken from this world early just so that I can get my answers up there.

But, yes, we still have to do our hishtadlus.

The more true emunah one has, the less hishtadlus they need to do.
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Post  Thu, Oct 08 2020, 11:35 am
I think it can be a comfort. I think when someone is going through something difficult, there are things to say to comfort others and things to say to comfort ourselves. I think this is one of those things we can say to ourselves, but not to others.

For example, a mourner might remark "My loved one suffered for a long time, but is in a better place now.", but that is not what someone should say to a mourner.
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Post  Thu, Oct 08 2020, 12:00 pm
And although I find it comforting for my self. I do see how it could be uncomforting words for some and is better only to say to people who you know find it comforting. Particularly people currently experiencing tzarot.
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Post  Thu, Oct 08 2020, 12:08 pm
For me it's the one thought that got me through hard times: That Hashem knows what He's doing even if I don't. That there is a purpose and plan to my suffering, and the pain I'm experiencing is only the exact amount that He planned, not more and not less.

Obviously we have to do hishtadlus too, but in that there is also comfort. When I think what else can I do or what should I have done, the answer is: Hashem. He leads me to different avenues of hishtadlus and if He doesn't want me to do certain hishtadlus, it won't come to me (whether the thought of it or the actual opportunity). I'm only a human with limited resources, and I can only do what I can do based on what I know right now. If He would want me to do differently, He'd give me more (or less) knowledge to make a different decision.
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Post  Thu, Oct 08 2020, 2:44 pm
I find it a comfort for a very simple reason (that several of you have already stated.)

What is worse, knowing that there is a plan, even if you don't understand it - or knowing that the world is completely random, and there is no one "up there" looking out for your best interest?

I can't give you any scientific proof either way, but my internal belief benefits from believing in a Creator and a Plan.

Otherwise I'd have been dead a long time ago, and it wouldn't have mattered at all.
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Post  Thu, Oct 08 2020, 3:02 pm
It is because I know that I'll know
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Post  Thu, Oct 08 2020, 3:20 pm
Hashem is in charge, He does what is good in the bigger picture. That doesn't necessarily translate into what's good for me personally. I'm a selfish human being and I want revealed good for myself and my family and those I care about. I don't care about what might be good in three generations from now or what looks nice in the bigger picture.

So no, not a comfort.
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