Fake news on WhatsApp

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Post  Thu, Oct 15 2020, 5:35 am
Did you know Facebook owns WhatsApp and is a fast growing purveyor of fake news - especially COVID related fake news? I've seen so many unfounded memes and "data" spreading completely unfounded information. Because so many frum people are on this platform (many who would never have Facebook, but are totally fine being exposed to the same rumors on WhatsApp), our community is particularly vulnerable to propaganda based in faulty science or outright lies.

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Post  Thu, Oct 15 2020, 5:40 am
Why is the fact that Facebook own it so relevant? Makes it sound like Facebook is at fault - which is fake news in itself Can't Believe It

Anything where you forward messages has this risk. Even actual conversation holds the same risk of spreading misinformation. I don't understand why people don't check their sources or just NOT forward things if they're not sure.
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Post  Thu, Oct 15 2020, 5:43 am
It is quite relevant because following the money can be very informative.
Facebook and Twitter have been shutting down open discourse and electioneering.
Which might be ok if they owned up to it and didn't pretend to be objective communication platforms granting them tax breaks and the like.
Agree its crucial to check and consider the source. Still looks can be quite deceptive unfortunately. As in the case of WhatsApp.
Challenging to realize the behind the scenes push to manipulate us and feed us deceptive info R"L.
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Post  Thu, Oct 15 2020, 6:23 am
Facebook is always in the hot seat for failing to shut down antisemitic and hate speech in the name of open discourse. They have also been in hot water for allowing fake news stories/media pages to go viral on their platform because these posters pay big money to have the stories spread on their platform. Money talks.

I didnt realize Facebook owned WhatsApp and to me that just gives Facebook one more avenue to exploit an unsuspecting market with bad information or spread fake information to influence elections, pandemic responses, hate against specific groups, etc.
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Post  Thu, Oct 15 2020, 6:36 am
Are you getting fake news whatsapp messages from the whstapp platform itself (???), or from participants in groups to which you belong?

I have ever heard of the former, and if it is the latter, just leave those groups or block the sender or ignore.
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Post  Thu, Oct 15 2020, 7:09 am
Who is sending these messages?
The only whatsapps I get are "what was the english homework" or "said tehillim 36 and 37".

That is to say, messages from groups I'm part of.

Do you really want WhatsApp "reading" the messages in your family group chat?

If you're getting "fake news" messages you need to call out the people sending them.

(Facebook also owns Instagram and oculus)
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