Are majority of posters on imamother chasidish?
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Post  Fri, Oct 16 2020, 1:58 pm
dankbar wrote:
Sometimes people go anon because schools don't allow internet

Sheigatz arois!
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Post  Fri, Oct 16 2020, 2:20 pm
zaq wrote:
which is strange because very few people use their real name as a sn anyway.
(Did you think my name is really Zenobia Zaqarias and my kids are Zev, Zehava, Zanvel, Zelda, Zalman, Zlata, Zorro, Zerubavel and ZsaZsa? Ha-ha you fool, "Zorro" is just a nickname. His real name is Marvin.)

My first name is Gold. My last name is TwentyOne. If those names sound strange to you, it's just that I'm from an obscure country you guys probably never heard of.
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Post  Fri, Oct 16 2020, 2:23 pm
Radish wrote:
Silver lining and gold21, are you guys related? 😂

Lol, no, don't think so- anyway, her profile pic is a blue eye and mine is a brown eye, so yeah, I doubt we're related. We don't look alike.
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