The death of the two income family
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Post  Mon, Oct 19 2020, 10:35 pm
[quote="amother [ OP ]"]
amother [ Chartreuse ] wrote:
It's hard, no doubt. But sorry, OP, you asked how you can work if kids don't have school, implying they're learning remotely and home all day. Doesn't sound like the case. Yes, you're a bit late in the morning, need to leave an hour earlier, and one kid comes to your office (many parents don't have that option) half way through.
You're still putting in the majority of daily hours. The state of your mind is another issue and, as I said, it's not easy. It's still better to have the job than having to quit it to stay home with distant learning, isn't it?
I do agree with whoever said that if one needs the money, they make it work. No one said it'll be easy.[

My 7 year old is fully remote and I arranged a round robin with a few of her classmates. I will have to take off once a week to watch the zoom round robin but at least I can work the rest. My 6 year old has basement school in the morning and then I go get him and he zooms from my office in the afternoon. Between coming late, leaving early, leaving in the middle of the day to get a kid and having a kid zoom in my office half the day I am maybe able to put in half a days work...

I do my best to make it work...but its not working. My mountain of work to do at work is really scary..

I don't know if you want sympathy or ideas, or a bit of both?
Can you change your hours?
I'm sure your boss is seeing your late come/leave early/mid-day leave. Can you discuss with him that it'll be more effective for everyone if you get some flexibility.
I know its super tough, but how about 2-3 hours very early am and 5-6 hours evening?
I've done that in the past.
Did all housework when kids were around and all worrk when they slept.
No, it wasn't easy.
It did work better than the alternative.
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