Camp Kolos, Camp Bais Yaakov and Camp Maarava

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Post  Wed, Oct 21 2020, 7:28 pm
Can someone explain to me the differences between these camps? We are OOT and yeshivish. My daughter is a shtark Bais Yaakov girl who likes ruach and fun but isn't really the sporty type.
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Post  Wed, Oct 28 2020, 7:36 pm
last 2 are a good match for her. I am familiar with both, and have good things to say about them.

I dont know the first one.

staff and hashkafa, program, fun, serious girls in both. (kid in fact tried half a summer each and loved both)
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Post  Thu, Oct 29 2020, 1:16 am
Thank you!
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Post  Thu, Oct 29 2020, 3:33 am
When I went to Camp BY (more than 20 years ago) I was one of the only out of towners .
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Post  Thu, Oct 29 2020, 7:19 am
I think Kolos has a lot of OOTers. Assuming Maarava as well.

All 3 solid options for a BY girl- I think Bais Yaakov has a more Lakewood and Brooklyn crowd
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Post  Thu, Oct 29 2020, 7:30 am
A lot of Boston girls go to Camp Bais Yaakov for the second half. They are very happy with it. From what I hear, first half is Lakewood/NY crowd and second half is more out of town. We chose to send our daughter to Camp Agudah Midwest (another good place for out of towners), which is also a popular choice, but majority do go to Camp Bais Yaakov.
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