Daycare for two kids

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Post  Wed, Oct 21 2020, 9:09 pm
I have one kid and I'm pregnant with my second. I'm currently paying $8/hour for daycare as I work part time. When I go back to work after maternity leave I'll have to pay for my new baby as well. And I just don't understand how large families do this. Daycare is a huge expense! Is there some detail that I'm missing? How do you make it work financially as your family gets bigger and there's more daycare/tuition costs?
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Post  Thu, Oct 22 2020, 10:47 am
babysitter at your home? I think they would generally babysit a few kids for the same price as one, no? Daycares charge by the kid but when you bring someone into your home, YOU'RE the boss.

edited to add--- for instance you might find a sitter willing to come to you for $12 an hour (assuming you don't live in New York--- lol). Daycare would charge you $8 per kid, so $16--- but maybe discount to $14. With a sitter in your home you're saving 2 or more per hour that way.
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Post  Thu, Oct 22 2020, 10:51 am
Depending on their salary, some women find it more cost effective to stay home home for a few years rather than paying babysitters. That only works until they start school though, because tuition is unavoidable. You need to think about the impact of a career break on your long term earning potential.
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Post  Thu, Oct 22 2020, 10:54 am
There is no secret. Childcare expenses are a huge issue in the US. Childcare is only affordable when the government subsidizes it. Many people don’t make money when sending their kids to daycare but it’s still worth it in terms of long term career growth ( and if you enjoy your job)
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Post  Thu, Oct 22 2020, 11:09 am
For us, it was just a large expense we had to bear. If it makes you feel better, year-round daycare is usually going to be cheaper than a full year's worth of costs for a young child who is in school.

In our OOT community, the JCC offers high quality daycare for $1200-1500 per month, with the infants being the most expensive. For comparison, our mortgage payment is less than $1200. So during the times that we had two kids in daycare, we were spending about 2.5 times our mortgage just on daycare.

But daycare was still cheaper ultimately than what we began having to spend when our kids moved into a school setting. At that point, we had to pay for tuition, aftercare, day camp (with beforecare and aftercare), and babysitting to cover the remaining time we needed, like chol hamoed, weeks between school end and camp start, yeshiva week, and so on.

Regarding how we make it work financially, it's nothing especially clever. Both DH and I work full-time and we earn relatively high salaries for our area while living a modest lifestyle. Our family is not large, but we could afford childcare and tuition for more children than we have.
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Post  Thu, Oct 22 2020, 11:10 am
Yes, I'm paying a fortune in daycare but don't see any way around it.
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