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Post  Thu, Oct 22 2020, 8:40 am
For kids who are eligible for extra time on tests, when do they take this time? Ds has adhd and his teacher gave him a choice between finishing his test during recess or the class that comes after, which is gym. He chose neither because he desperately needs both, and didn't finish.

I find that even if the choice is an academic subject, he can't afford to miss the lesson. So does a kid who needs this extra time give up the free time that they really need to buffer all the sitting, or academic time and are behind on the lessons? Or classwork time and have extra homework because if it? Where does it come from?
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Post  Thu, Oct 22 2020, 10:15 am
As a teacher, I prefer to shorten a test for a student like that rather than give extra time. Logistically it can cause problems, and very often the student loses steam after working for so long. I concentrate the test to the absolute minimum that would assess his/her performance. Perhaps you can ask the teacher to do this instead.
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Post  Thu, Oct 22 2020, 10:39 am
after school? Many teachers stay after for many reasons--- this might be a possibility.

Also, my kids qualify for extra time on tests but more often than the extra time--- they also qualify for small group testing and they take THAT. My daughter is in regular sized mainstream classes and gets distracted by coughs, students sharpening pencils, tapping their feet, sighing, etc etc. She prefers to test in small group settings so for tests the intervention specialist usually pulls her and a couple of other students who qualify and go to the intervention office. That's just another option that might help test taking. For my kids it's moot this year--- my daughter is virtual because her school is huge and my son is in the tinest school there is---- no small group testing needed--- his class is only 4 students and you can't get much smaller. Smile
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Post  Thu, Oct 22 2020, 12:26 pm
Where I work, students who get extra time go to a different room at the start of the period and are proctored by a teacher there. If they end up needing the extra time (some students don’t end up using it; just knowing they can makes them calmer), they miss the beginning of whatever class they have next and then are allowed in late, without a penalty.
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Post  Thu, Oct 22 2020, 12:29 pm
Is it an option for him to complete the exam, while he eats lunch? This way he doesn't have to miss any classes.
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