What mistakes had you done?
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Post  Mon, Oct 26 2020, 12:08 am
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Post  Mon, Oct 26 2020, 12:16 am
Not telling my kids about my husbands mental illness earlier. And yes, my husband regrets it too.

We tried hiding it. He was sleeping too much? He fell asleep late last night.
He doesn’t want to go out with us? I found another stupid excuse.
When he started going for treatment, we made another excuse. A few years later, and the kids being smarter, they told us they thought he was sick with cancer and was gonna die.
The secrets messed up my family big time. I was always hiding. Covering it up. Now that we talk about it openly, the kids don’t tiptoe around anymore. All someone has to say is totty is having a bad day and all is understood.
It really was a very hard few years. Definitely had a lasting effect on the kids and life is so much easier on everyone now that they know.
So in hindsight, I would have told them a lot earlier.
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Post  Mon, Oct 26 2020, 12:16 am
Not sticking up for my child enough. I tried and tried but I don't think it was enough.
I can see now the damage it did. But there is a lifetime to rectify that.

Not being careful enough with my dds dignity.
Today something embarrasing happened and it was partly her fault. I was extremely frustrating for me and her. When dh came home and we were sharing our day she looked at me uncomfortable. I half winked at her and I could see she understood my hint and of course left out that part. Daddy doesn't need to know everything. Wink
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