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Post  Mon, Oct 26 2020, 1:46 pm
I may be late to the game, but can you still file? And can you file for partial unemployment?
As in my hours were cut but I still worked part time & then I had to take off more frequently because of child care (and had no vacation, sick or personal days to claim).
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Post  Mon, Oct 26 2020, 2:01 pm
Unemplyment always exisits, now its regular, I dont think its extra long or extra pay anymore. that was over end of July.

you can apply now for regular. you should know :

1. your boss will get a letter and will need to give honest info - how many hours you are working, you worked, why change, and that he asked you to work less and not that you chose to.

If he didnt ask you you dont qualify .

2. Your employer will need to pay some $ into your claim. (and if he didnt lay you off, he wont like it, and may not re hire you.
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Post  Mon, Nov 02 2020, 10:30 am
my husband had a similar situation---- beginning in March he was cut from full time to part time and with that we can't make ends meet. Between savings and the stimulus package, we survived the summer (June and July he didn't work at all--- March through May he was about halftime). and BH he is now full time again as of September. He was told if he were to file for unemployment he'd be let go because they weren't letting him go--- just giving fewer hours. One of his colleagues did file and they did let her go.

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