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Post  Tue, Oct 27 2020, 7:54 pm
OP - I am so sorry that you are going through this. It seems so insane. This thread made me sad. I hope that your daughter finds the right "boy" at the right time.

I actually learned A LOT about what is considered in style from looking at the Zara website and the Instagram accounts posted! I feel a lot more knowledgeable! As a middle-aged woman, I haven't followed trends for awhile, myself. I am totally curious what the difference is between Manhattan style and (I assume) Brooklyn(?) But maybe that needs to be a spin-off thread.

That said, I don't think men (even young men) know anything about this. If anything, I would think many of these styles that people pointed out are currently on trend would look "frumpy" in a way that would not be appealing to men (the waists, the slouchy, the browns). I agree with what other people posted that what is most important is something that your daughter looks pretty in and feels confident.
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