Refund from sleepaway camp?
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Post  Sat, Oct 31 2020, 8:03 pm
amother [ OP ] wrote:
Yep same camp but we never got next on the list just it's coming. We sent a very strong worded email today and they are supposed to talk to us tommorow I guess I will see what happens. In the future if I ever attempt to send to sleepaway again I will not pay so many months in advance I know they want it but now no way!! We worked extra to make money to pay for a one time experience and keeping our money is just wrong!! Btw they opened campgrounds over the weekends for families to make money this summer and some families did roll for 2021 so no reason they can't start paying back.

Did they talk to you? Anythinf come of it?
Next time I pay for a camp I will make sure to to pay with cc so I can dispute.
I love the camp but the way this is being handled is unfair.
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