S/o why do we consider intellect and emotion to be mutually
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Post  Thu, Nov 05 2020, 2:08 pm
mocha wrote:

I think this actually proves a point - although not necessarily the one they are trying to make . . . I absolutely hate stereotypes, because there are usually so many exceptions that they are rendered meaningless with regard to any particular individual. This exercise gives an example of popular stereotypes and judgments regarding men and women, and it proves the point that with regard to anything (e.g. the computer) it all depends upon how you look at it (I.e. all the points are valid, and the computer is not actually male or female).

I find that overall, men and women are equally emotional, but when women show emotions (e.g. sadness as evidenced by withdrawal, crying, etc.) they are labeled excessively emotional, while when men show emotions (e.g. anger as evidenced by yelling, threats, violence, etc.) they are considered macho/tough guys - rather than emotional. (Anger is no less an emotion than sadness, but in my experience men with anger-management problems are rarely characterized as overly emotional.)

I find that judgements regarding emotions are often made on the basis of who is demonstrating the emotions and on who is making the determination . . .
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