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Will you go to vax asap?
Yes, and we always take the flu shot too
 18%  [ 8 ]
Yes, we normally don't do the flu vax
 13%  [ 6 ]
No, vax are harmful, we do not vax
 0%  [ 0 ]
No, we are cautious selective vaxxers
 11%  [ 5 ]
No, we will wait and see, but we do take flu shots
 34%  [ 15 ]
No, we will wait and see, we do not take flu shots either
 20%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 43



Post  Sun, Nov 08 2020, 1:55 pm
Will you covid vax asap?

Where does popular opinion stand? Are you pro flu vax or do you skip that one?

Will you go to take the covid vax asap?

Will you want more time to see outcomes once the public starts taking it?

Will you have an opinion on which of the 6 types you want or just leave it to your dr? I read the military branch will be deciding which populations get which versions of the vaccine.

Will your job force you to take it?

Will your children need it to attend school?

D.c. has a law in the works that will allow children 11yo + to make vaccine decisions themselves & the dr, health insurance & school will by law need to conceal this info from parents. How do you feel about it?

Anti vax, please dont overtake this thread. I want to know where everyone else stands. I included option to hear you in the poll.
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Post  Sun, Nov 08 2020, 1:57 pm
Oops. I misread and voted yes. I will not take a Covid vaccine and we do get the flu shot.
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Post  Sun, Nov 08 2020, 2:00 pm
I vaccinate for everything although I haven't been too makpid on the flu (I hate shots and pain so that's why) but since I got married DH and I go together every year.

I am super wary about a corona vaccine - and I'm pro vaccines. The vaccines most people get have been tested far longer than any corona vaccine and have been around for you. The corona vaccine will likely have rushed testing and I'd be very wary of taking it.

Vaccines aren't mandatory in Israel but we don't have amendments or rights like in the U.S. so it's very possible they can and will make the vaccine mandatory. Yes that does concern me.

I'm not sure WHAT the solution is and I'll deal with it when it comes and see then.
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Post  Sun, Nov 08 2020, 2:03 pm
We are cautious vaxxers. For example, I try to expose my kids to chickenpox so as to avoid giving the shot. I start late, like after 3 and give them spaced out and only what's absolutley necessary for school attendance. I will not take any vaccine in pregnancy. I do not believe in flu shot nor HPV which BH aren't mandatory (yet) where we live. I will definitely not give a covid vaccine. I can't think what we'll do if it becomes mandatory.
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Post  Sun, Nov 08 2020, 2:10 pm
I vax & my kids usually get the flu shot. I would probably wait to see more studies & make a decision based on what the current risk factors weigh in at that time on giving Covid vaccine vs potentially getting Covid to whatever my family situation is then.

Fwiw my daughters pediatrician was adamant in June that she will not be giving her family the Covid vaccine at least for a while (and she’s a very mainstream doc that’s pretty on schedule with vaccines in general)

I am planning to discuss this at our next ID appointment and hopefully have some more clarity on the overall picture.
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