Help me night train my 8 year old, first time

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Post  Mon, Nov 16 2020, 2:11 am
For various reasons, we did not night train dd when we toilet trained her. She toilet trained at 3.
At this point we feel she is ready and trustworthy enough to try to toilet train her, the question is, how do I night train her?
For many months now I have been telling her to be more conscious to urinate more by day. She holds it in a lot.
Her pull ups are pretty full in the morning. Not like she is going just once or twice at night.
I need the lease stressful, most productive methods of training. All tips and ideas welcome. She is my oldest, I never night trained a kid before. She is also behavioral and has sensory issues, I don't know if/how that will effect.
Please share your ideas and support Smile
Thank you
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