Seminary discussion for 2021/2022
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Post Sun, Mar 14 2021, 12:47 am
What were her other options and why did she choose BA?
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Post Sun, Mar 14 2021, 12:47 am
cat81 wrote:
Bnos Avigail.

Can’t take any credit as dd made decision entirely on her own.

I would say all my research was in vain but..... I did have to sign off on her seminary choice after all and wouldn’t have done it didn’t hear nice things about it.

Hatzlacha rabbah!!! Hope she gains a lot and has a great year!
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Post Tue, Aug 10 2021, 10:44 pm
amother [ Turquoise ] wrote:
Peninim is more modern the girls there are struggling hashkkfafically. She asked for strong hashkkfafically. She's looking for a girl who dint actively struggling.

Hi, can you pls pm recent info on Peninim?

type of girls?

who is on staff?

Thank you
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Post Wed, Aug 11 2021, 11:41 pm
U can add nitzos to list of American seminaries
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