Boys High School - Witty, Stein, Sukenek, Pepper?

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Post  Fri, Nov 27 2020, 1:01 pm
It would be a huge help if someone gave me some information on the above yeshivas. Are they warm, where are they located. TY
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Post  Sat, Nov 28 2020, 7:07 pm
Rabbi Witty- upstairs of Nachlei Torah on Swarthmore
Rabbi Stein-on Vine St between YTT and Rabbi Brus Yeshivas
Rabbi Sukenik-In Yeshiva Building on Henry Street of Rt 9
Rabbi Pepper- I'm not sure.
They all have great reputations. An 8th great rebbi or menahel would be best describe the nuances of each.
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Post  Sat, Nov 28 2020, 8:54 pm
Do they all have some English? If important find out how much. ( Like I know Rabbi stein is optional and there is shiur if you don’t go. )
Do you get degree or GED. Is it jus through 10th or through 12th?

YOur best bet is to find parents who send them and ask questions?
Class schedule
Do they have early nights
Crowd that goes
What so boys do during break/lunch

(At the end sometimes the interview makes it. My son had his heart set on Rabbi stein - but a diff yeshiva really wanted him and he loved the interviews so in the end went with that one despite all our research and decisions)
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Post  Sat, Nov 28 2020, 9:06 pm
I'm going to add more questions.
Discipline? Who handles it? How? How effectively?
How much downtime?
What do boys do in the downtime?
Do boys develop relationships with Rebbeim? Do the Rebbeim seek out the boys or is it the boys responsibility?
How is the food?
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