First baby feeding formula. Please help!

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Post Thu, Dec 03 2020, 10:48 am
I’ve only breastfed before so I’m new to this.
Baby is exclusively formula fed. Almost 4 months. I’m feeding every 3 hours 3 ounces.
Baby seems to have a small stomach and will not take more... I feel like she should be eating more at this age?
Any advice for how to space out the formula feeds and how much per feeding.
My doctor said 24-28 ounces per 24 hours, but she’s barely getting 24?
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Post Thu, Dec 03 2020, 2:46 pm
How much does it say on the box?

is that about 120 ml?

I also exclusively formula fed my baby who is now 1, and at that age I was definitely trying to stretch him for 4 hours in between feeds.

and I really tried to get him to drain the bottle if I could. that way he would be having more at each feed.

Does he have a feed at night?
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Post Thu, Dec 03 2020, 3:29 pm
If your baby is gaining nicely and is happy I wouldn’t stress about the numbers too much. I’ve formula fed a few babies, my current baby is now almost a year old and still can’t eat more than 3-4oz at a time. She’s just a small eater.
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