S/o careers for mothers
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Post Wed, Dec 23 2020, 12:42 pm
amother [ Plum ] wrote:
I’m a speech therapist. I think it’s the perfect career for mothers. There are many different populations that you can work with in a variety of settings. You can easily find jobs that are part time, full time, extremely part time like 4 hours a week or even PRN which means that you are you’re own boss. You can also work from home. I’ve done various things but with covid Im currently working PRN with a home health agency. Which basically means that I can accept or decline patients and decide when I want to takeoff and for how long. I also schedule my visits directly with the patients so I can schedule them around my other obligations. Down side is that as a PRN worker they don’t guarantee you work so sometimes I’m very busy, but sometimes I don’t have any work. On the other hand the pay is great so it’s worth it for me to do even one or two visits a week.

I highly disagree with speech being a good option. I’m one myself and I'm very sorry I entered this field. The hours can be flexible. I’ll give you that. But you end up making very little.
-there are a ton of non-billable hours (paperwork, calling parents, progress reports, prep)
-you spend a lot of your own money on materials
- lots of money spent on mandatory continuing education. I spend over 1k a year on this
-too many cancellations, school closing, holidays, no shows etc that greatly affect take home pay

Of course if you end up finding a salary position then a lot of this won’t apply. But try finding that in New York.
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