DD6 love to sing and dance. How to encourage it?

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Post Wed, Dec 30 2020, 11:39 am
Any ideas? She absolutely adores music. Asks me to turn on music for her and she dances and sings her heart out. I can tell music really does something for her. She has 2 tone deaf very much not musically inclined parents. What guidance can u give me so that I can help guide her? I’d love for her to pursue something in the music world if she really loves it and I think it can be a great healthy outlet.. I know she’s young so even if you have ideas for a few years from now...
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Post Wed, Dec 30 2020, 11:51 am
Where do you live? There are dozens of frum arts programs for girls all over the world if she is interested in lessons.

Due to covid, some are virtual and some are outdoors, etc., but you should be able to find something. There are also a few frum DVDs with beginner dance lessons in tap or ballet.

And even if she doesn’t get lessons, you can continue playing lots of types of music for her, watch her put on “shows” and give her your attention and encouragement, etc.

If she stays an amateur (from the root “to love”, as in one who does it for the love of it, and not as a profession), that’s fine too! Don’t feel like there is a minimum standard of talent/skill to live up to. If she feels pressured to go to lessons, she may be too young. Let her be free to explore her passions without pressure.

I was one of those performer kids. I wrote plays and directed my younger siblings in them, memorized my favorite musicals, dressed up in leotards and tutus to do gymnastics in the back yard... the best thing is to love her for who she is.
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