DS can't make up his mind about costume!

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Post  Mon, Mar 03 2008, 7:26 pm
My son (age 4) is going through a phase in which he is having trouble making up his mind.
Most of the time, this can be remedied...especially with cheap, easy to get stuff...

but, he can't make up his mind on a costume. One day he wants to be a king. The next day he wants to be Mordechai. Today, he said he wants to be a clown.

I want to get things done for Purim EARLY...but I am thinking 1) should I get ds' costume at the last minute so he can't change his mind again (in my experience, a BAD idea to get costumes at the last minute...things go wrong)

2) keep the receipt and buy the costume only if there is a return policy. But, I will have to shlep ds there again and it is just too hard for me with working full time and limited energy. Plus, the object in terms of chinuch is to teach ds to learn to make up his mind, not to give in to his capriciousness.

Then again, I should allow for the phase he is going through and making decisions is a new challenge for him

What d'yall think I should do?
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Post  Mon, Mar 03 2008, 7:31 pm
tell him that you want to buy him the costume already and he needs to make up his mind cuz once it's bought, that's what he'll have. let him think about it till tommorrow. when he tells you what he decided ask him "you're sure?" and then buy it.

we bought costumes yesterday. today my 7 year old came home saying that he wanted to be the OTHER police, not the Police SWAT. I explained to him that we already bought it and iyH next year he can be the other thing. after he tried convincing me to put this once away for next year, etc. he gave up without too much of a fight because we told the kids in advance that once they made their decisions there was no going back on it.

good luck
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red sea


Post  Mon, Mar 03 2008, 7:39 pm
Like squash said I also think tell him he has one more day to decide and then you will buy the one he wants, zehu. after that he cant change his mind, if he does you just remind him it was his decision and now its too late, he can choose again next year.
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Mrs. XYZ


Post  Mon, Mar 03 2008, 7:40 pm
Yep, give him a time limit. He has a day or two to decide and then you're going to buy it and once you buy it, thats it. Dont go back and exchange, cause you'll be going back every day to exchange for something else.
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Post  Mon, Mar 03 2008, 7:44 pm
So you ladies think I shouldn't give him one more week (a week before Purim may not be SO last minute)...BUT

I think the advice above is wise, because since he is in the mood of vacillating, maybe I should cut it off as soon as possible before it becomes a habit...maybe it should be another day and that's it...

Otherwise, right, every day it is going to be something new...like a game for him, and the longer I wait before I buy, the bigger the disappointment.
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Post  Mon, Mar 03 2008, 7:45 pm
I dont know if kids this age really have a great concept of time...like in the future, blah blah...
my 3 1/2 year old is also constantly changing her mind about which costume she wants. I think I will bring her to the store as hard as it will be, tell her to pick only 1 costume, and save it for Purim...
hope it works!
last year I just got her any old costume and she was happy.
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