Teachers of pre1a - 3rd grade - how behind are u from covid

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Post Tue, Jan 05 2021, 8:53 pm
If you teach Pre1-3rd grade, how behind are you this year in your curriculum because of the covid shut downs?

I have a daughter in first grade and her kriah skills and even the homework from the teacher seems behind what I would imagine she would be at because they were forced to do so much review/reteach in the beginning of the year. Her math skills seems okay to me but her reading is definitely behind.

I have a second grader as well and I feel like the english is pretty up to par but the hebrew skills chumash etc are a little behind.

I don't have any kids in Pre 1a but I can't imagine those kids were affected much because anyway aleph bais are reviewed in the beginning and all real reading skills really start in Pre 1a not the year before. Curious to hear from a teacher.

I feel like the kids that are in first second and third now suffered the most from the shutdowns. curious what teachers who actually teach those grades have to say.
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