Enjoying Purim
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Post  Thu, Mar 06 2008, 7:00 am
Here's another Imamother who LOVES Purim. I love a seudah with drunk (not over-the-top) b'nei Torah. Sticking to wine (the mitzvah) and staying away from other liquor (NOT a fulfillment of the mitzvah) helps avoid vomiting. At the seudos I've been to, (including a number of seudos at which we hosted bochurim) the men were quite tipsy (not smashed) and speaking divrei Torah the whole time. It was beautiful and my children loved it. Last year I had a lot of family (some of them quite "extended") and had separate men's & ladies' tables (b/c some of the relatives were not so closely related) and I felt it was less inspiring b/c I was involved in shmoozing with the ladies instead of listening to the men's divrei Torah. My favorite is lots of bochurim. When we've done that, I kinda hung out in the kitchen (close to the dining room) and did my own thing - listening to the men, eating whatever I felt like (seudah or interesting things from MM that came in) answering the door, etc.

Of course, also the kids love the dressing up, delivering MM to their friends, enjoying the seudah, etc. - and I enjoy their enjoyment.
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Post  Thu, Mar 06 2008, 12:29 pm
Growing up I hated Purim embarrassed. I thought it was so boring, totally a man's Yom Tov and way too much food. Then I got married and the first year I was nervous that my dh would get drunk (he comes from a family that really knows how to drink) and embarrass me so as soon as I could I slipped out of the house we were at and drove to a local high school and ran the track. My dh found out and was really hurt.
The next year we were in Israel and I just had my dd. So we went to a Purim Seuda with a bunch of other couples and some Bachrim. It was so so nice! I could not believe it. Yes my dh got drunk, but it was a happy I love being Frum drunk. He didn't throw up or act inappropriately at all. I really had a nice time.
The year after that we did a similar Seuda at someone elses home. Again the men all got really happy, spirited and they were dancing and singing and arguing Torah. I felt so proud.
This year I am trying to read/learn a bit about Purim so I hopefully be able to tap into the power of the day.
I love what someone said about writing down the tefillos because of the power your prayers have. I think for me the day has to be less about the food and more about the spiritual growth that is waiting for me.
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Post  Thu, Mar 06 2008, 1:35 pm
Another one who loves purim here! I agree with an above poster - planning is the key! MM done days before, all pieces of each kids costumes prepared days before, all the megillos (childrens,etc) and graggers taken out before. I plan to set the table Weds night or Thurs (I'll be using paper!!!). Also, I am going to do a simple menu. How much does anyone eat at a purim suedah anyway?

I love watching all the kids having so much fun. I make sure we have lively music in the background to keep the spirit going.

The hard part for me is the exhaustion. This year IYH I really aim to go to sleep early for a few nights before Purim, hopefully that will help.
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Post  Fri, Mar 07 2008, 10:07 am
I take it you never had to clean up major throw-up from a man's shoes - or the bed sheets before.

Nope, not yet Smile DH does get quite tipsy though, but manageable. Only at the seuda, not during the day.
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Post  Sat, Mar 08 2008, 10:33 pm
I was at a big community seuda the men where really drunk and kept crashing in to out table and one guy spilled wine allover dh nice suit. this year we be at home and have a laid back seuda. other wise I like purim.
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Post  Sun, Mar 09 2008, 8:29 am
chocolate moose wrote:
Shall we one-up and say how Pesach has gotten ... "out of hand" with the chumras ?

yeah, but honestly only "online", I don't see it irl b"h, except in a few houses that have always been like that.
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Post  Sun, Mar 09 2008, 11:24 am
I've learned to enjoy the special days Hashem gave us only for the reason that they are special because Hashem gave them to us and what they stand for. I don't let the stresses of the day ruin my enjoyment. Nothing is more special to me than the chance to do the Mitzvos which are only applicable on that special day.
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