Would you fly to visit married children?
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Post Mon, Jan 18 2021, 5:47 am
I cry each other day that my parents and inlaws come over to visit

Have'nt seen them or sibling for over a year

Really really hard to be so far away even with calls and photos.
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Post Mon, Jan 18 2021, 5:55 am
I haven't seen my parents (or other family) for over a year now. I wouldn't fly to see them until well after they are vaccinated. (Bh I think they can get it from today) Too risky.

IYh will see them soon. An end is in sight. It would be stupid to espose them now.
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Post Mon, Jan 18 2021, 6:03 am
I don't see an end here in israel yet, over 2 million have recived the vacine, and the no's are just going up each day.

Nor are other countries around the world accepting the vaccine as a green light to enter, so can't see any green grass yet over the hill.

In the EU, or US it will take years to give the vaccine to all, and who know if it will even help as a one time vaccine or each year like the flu, which will then be even more complex
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Post Mon, Jan 18 2021, 8:14 am
cnc wrote:
Firstly I am not on instagram .

Secondly, nowhere did I say that they contacted COVID three weeks after they received the second dose.
It was all after the first dose , although both Pfizer and Moderna are claiming that one dose has an 80-90 percent efficacy rate , which is why in some countries they’re electing to divide their vaccines differently by giving singles doses to as many people as possible instead of giving two doses to less people.

That said, my own internist told me not to check my antibodies until a couple of weeks after the second dose.... (I got the first dose a few weeks ago).

No, you said they got covid after getting vaccinated. Getting one half of a two part vaccine does not qualify you as being vaccinated. People are only considered vaccinated several weeks after receiving their second dose.

Please try to not be so misleading in your generalizations. People will read what you say and take it as fact at face value and understand it to mean that the vaccine is ineffective. Considering it's currently our only hope, accidentally giving people that impression could be very damaging.

OP I'm so sorry but considering all the dangerous mutations out there, I wouldn't fly at all.
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Post Mon, Jan 18 2021, 8:34 pm
Haven't seen my parents in nearly 2 years and I not only get your frustration but I can imagine your dd is really struggling. It is so so so so difficult.

And as much as I wish my parents could fly over and I really do wish they could, I would rather be safe than sorry so I am praying the vaccines work fast and we will be able to see them asap.
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Post Tue, Jan 19 2021, 9:01 am
Hi, it really depends on ur age bracket. Speak to ur dr about the risks of potentially receiving Covid 19. If he clears u to fly then go! A recent family member of mine recently passed away because his daughter selfishly had to visit knowing her father was high risk. ( she tested positive right after the visit) So the answer varies depending on ur health and age. Also make sure ur child is 100 percent well! They should take an antibody test to see if they already had the virus.
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