Teenager who is basically eating a vegetarian diet ?
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Post Thu, Jan 21 2021, 4:52 pm
there are so many youtube videos on vegan meals.
no need to stress.
it might be an idea to buy an instant pot & you can make many one pot meals with lentils ,beans. I love my instant pot & use it daily if not twice a day.
you can use tofu also for protein.
it can be a lot of fun cooking this way. I do for half my family & the other half are on a standard diet.
but if you are concerned, definitely have a meal plan worked out by a nutritionist & this way you will have all info worked out & you wont stress about her health & at the end of the day your daughter will be verified & hopefully will be happy that you are willing to work with her.
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jewish girl


Post Sat, Feb 06 2021, 9:28 am
Reality wrote:
Food is a really touchy subject with teenagers. If your child is willing to go to a "nutritionist" that would be step one. This way you can avoid any possible friction and or control issues between you and your teen.

Please make sure you go to a Registered Dietician and not someone who just calls themselves a "nutritionist".

Yes very important that they are a RD and are HAES
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