Not all kids have vacation at the same time

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Post Wed, Jan 20 2021, 5:57 pm
Do you take the boys out of yeshiva to go away?
Go only with the ones that have off?
No trip?
Only day trips?
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Post Wed, Jan 20 2021, 8:04 pm
My parents used to take us out of school to go on family trips. (I would be quicker to schedule around by boys than my girls though since I feel like it’s more important to show chashivus to the boys learning torah)
I remember when I was in HS, I was nervous about taking off and being I excused. My father called my principal and told her he was taking me out of school for a few days for some family time and she excused me.
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Post Wed, Jan 20 2021, 8:18 pm
My mom used to do trips with my younger sisters, I was "old enough to go with friends" when I had off. I would either go to school and cry in the bathroom, or make believe I'm going to school, watch them leave and come back home to cry. I just wanted the same love and family trip. I'm over it, but I remember being so upset every time.
(When all the girls had off the same time, we'd go snow tubing or whatever and take along the boys. But once I transferred schools and we all had different times off mom just took off for the little ones as they couldn't be home alone. My vacation days were spent either doing nothing or finally at 4PM meeting up with a friend for ice cream. I was allowed to go to the mall or Manhattan with friends, but my friends parents didn't allow it so that didn't help much. )
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Post Wed, Jan 20 2021, 8:22 pm
My kids are still little, oldest is nine. They have vacation two different weeks. Some of this week and some next week. Happens to be I am due this week so not really planning anything. I told my son, I will ask my brother to take him on a trip one day, my daughter goes to school with my sister, so I tend to take off a day and my mother tends to take off a day. I am a but flexible with work because I work for family just timing wise this year and doesn't work out to take anything off. My kids will end up coming to work with me, if I'm still around, or they'll just stay home. I stocked up an arts and crafts, and when my daughter has a vacation she will go one day with my sisters.
However, I do take my kids away a couple times a year mostly on this time so they don't feel too bad about not doing much on winter vacation.

In the past, I did take my son out of school one day to do something when my daughter was off.
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Post Wed, Jan 20 2021, 8:50 pm
My kids are older. Taking anyone out often means missing midterms, which is a problem. It's saved for once in a while big events, because the school really has to work with you, and it may mean your kid getting a different test than everyone else. I do day trips with the youngers, and try to do one big thing with each older kid when possible. We do a long weekend or the like if everyone overlaps.
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