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Post Fri, Feb 19 2021, 9:29 am
amother [ Aquamarine ] wrote:
What bagel is only 100 calories and is it good? Would love to try thanks

Thomas bagel thins. Will look for a link

ETA Thomas Bagel Thins-everything(2pack) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I.....73KH1
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Post Fri, Feb 19 2021, 10:23 am
Would love to join as well..
I'm 176 - postpartum now.. I started off this pregnancy @157.. & gained way too much.. blaming partly on corona- gym closed & home w/ my kids for months which caused me to eat chocolate etc..
I would love to get back to 135-140 (but I'll be happy for now to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.. gonna try 5lb @ a time as a goal bec all together I have a significant amount to lose..)

Gym finally reopened here but no babysitting but hoping to go a few evenings..

I'm going to try being mindful of what I eat over shabbos but eating out one meal.. gonna be hard to stay on an exact plan (in general shabbos I find hard..)
I'm managed to lose 30 lbs in the past post-baby so gonna go back to the plan that worked for me..
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Post Fri, Feb 19 2021, 10:30 am
I’m down 1 lb. 4 more to go.
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Post Sun, Feb 21 2021, 9:07 pm
any meaningful way we can form a group and hold each other accountable? I'm desperate for ideas on how to stay motivated and have more self-control.
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Post Thu, Apr 01 2021, 7:47 pm
How's everyone doing?

Anyone managing to maintain their weight instead of gaining throughout YT?

I've been exercising about 4 times a week and been seeing a difference. BH BH I feel so better inside and out.
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Post Thu, Apr 01 2021, 8:42 pm
I was doing really well before, down 7lbs. Pesach has been really tough, I’m trying my best but I can feel that I gained some back. I’m not checking the scale until a few days after Pesach..
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Post Thu, Apr 01 2021, 9:02 pm
Hope to get back on track after yomtov! Goals pre-baby weight of 140
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